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Fragrance List

Fragrance list : Page # 1.

TRANQUIL BREEZE { 843 } 580-7106

Why us?

All Exclusive, hand crafted,little or no shelf life, [shiped to you ]

* Delivery Conformation

* No shipping cost

* placeing a order is easy , Call Today ! [843-802-5815] Text!

We have samples

no alcohol added



privacy policy:


Tranquil Breeze- will not share, rent or sell your personal information. We will use your information for the sole purpose of processing your orders.



all shipments will be sent to the address of your request, weight of packages and taxes are all included

on your total bill. Tranquil Breeze will send you a conformation note, prior to any shipment.


we love to hear from you, *request and placing your orders.


Allergic reactions :


We assume no responsabitity for any allergic reactions to any of our products use @ your own dasposal, all of our ingrediance are all pure fragrance base and no alcohol, we don't suggest use on face area.



All fragrances are non-returnable for health and safety purposes. We encourage you to order samples, which are offered with every order placed and for our repeat customers , we always give lots of free rewards.

All our fragrances are developed from the original fragrance to ensure the highest standards of quality and the best

possible duplicates.

All of our products are named after/ product codes,please include with every order.

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